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Storage Services In Surrey BC can sometimes be hard to find. Even harder is finding a reputable, quality storage company to provide Storage Services that cares enough to make sure your possessions are kept dry, bug-free and secure.

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When you are storing the things that matter to you most, nothing is more important than knowing they are safe and secure at all times.


TLL Moving and Storage strives to provide you peace of mind with their storage solutions in Surrey, BC, where we keep your belongings dry, bug-free, and safe in our secure facility. We make storage services the least of your worries and are happy to provide Moving, Long Distance Moving, Packing and Cleaning services as well.


We recognize that it is important for our customers to have the right space to store their belongings, which is why we offer a wide range of storage locker sizes, ranging from small personal-sized lockers to large spaces for businesses, families and anyone who needs it.


Our storage services are available for both short and long term time periods, meaning we can help you out in a pinch and keep your belongings safe and secure for the long haul. Even the best-made plans can change on a dime, so our storage plans are flexible and protected by guaranteed rates with no hidden fees.


Whether you are seeking storage in Burnaby, Vancouver, Langley or Surrey, we can be your solution! TLL Storage is located only 20 minutes from Burnaby, 30 minutes from Langley, 30 minutes from East Vancouver. With storage only 10 minutes from Surrey City Center, we are the most convenient storage service for Surrey residents. Need Burnaby storage? We are only a 20-minute drive from the Metrotown area.


Why Choose Surrey BC’s TLL Moving and Storage?


Fully Insured and Bonded

Guaranteed Rates & No Hidden Fees

On-Time Arrivals

Clean and Functional Moving Trucks


Questions to Ask To Make Your Storage Process Easy


How much do I need to store?

It is best to conservative when choosing a space to store your possessions, as storing in a too-small space can lead to clutter, and even make it dangerous to remove your items.


What needs to be stored?

Certain objects may depend on a certain climate or temperature, so ask our team about our options for storage lockers for special possessions.


How will I pack my belongings for storage?

Be sure to protect your belongings with proper packing and protection when you are ready for a storage solution. Be sure to explore TLL Moving and Storage’s Packing solutions, and we can make sure your belongings are cared for.

TLL Moving and Storage Provides Storage Services

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