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TLL Moving and Storage is a local Vancouver BC Moving Company Providing Local moves and Long Distance Moving. For local moves we specialize in helping customers in Vancouver, Surrey, White Rock, Delta, Langley and all of the lower mainland BC. Let us help you with your next move.


TLL Moving and Storage Servicing British Columbia

TLL Moving and Storage Providing Local Moving, Long Distance Moving, Packing for moving and Move in and Move out Cleaning in Vancouver BC


Are you searching for movers in Surrey, Richmond, and Burnaby? TLL moving and storage is a professional moving company that prides itself on offering reliable moving services, and we should be your best choice for long-distance, and local moves. 

We can come to your place on time fully prepared for your next move. Our team will ensure your home is protected, and we look after your belongings by the use of state-of-the-art protective materials, superior moving systems, and best practices.

A move with us will be worry-free and efficient. We utilize techniques like team carrying and devices that cut down on the time needed to load trucks. TLL moving and storage also offers the cheapest and the most effective movers. Nothing can compare to the best quality service we can offer you with. 

When it comes to professionalism and carefulness, we’re more than capable of getting you from one place to another with minimal fuss. Look no further than us as one of the most trusted moving companies in Surrey, Richmond and Burnaby. This is because we’re willing to take care of your moving needs. We work hard to help you move efficiently and quickly so that you won’t have to deal with the stresses brought by moving. When looking for movers that you can trust completely, contact us. And once you choose us, you’ll have a handpicked team of experts to work constantly and your satisfaction and comfort in every way. 

All that we want is to revolutionize the moving industry, without outrageous hidden or pricing costs. The moment we reach your door, we do a walkthrough to get an idea on what item is being moved, and determine the most efficient way to move your belongings.

TLL Moving and Storage is a highly recommended and experienced local Moving Company in Surrey, Richmond and Burnaby. We provide you with partial or complete removal service. Our local experience and knowledge mean that we can help you whether you are moving a few items, or your entire home, whether you’re moving nationally or just locally. 

Below are the entire services that you would ever want to discover.

Local Moves

Moving can be tough. You need to pack and need to load up trucks. You will need to unpack. It will take weeks before finally starting to feel at home in your new home. 

With TLL Moving and Storage, we want to change that. We want to bring you excitement in your new home and not a stressful, tiring, and long ordeal. We have created a team of the most reliable and most experienced movers in Surrey, Richmond and Burnaby. We assure that we meet and exceed your expectations no matter what. We are simply a moving Company in Surrey, Richmond and Burnaby that can provide any combination thrown at us. We do it with the same attention to detail and care. There is only one  dedicated team up for any moving job in Surrey, Richmond, and Burnaby. And we’re committed to do it right. If you want to discover more what we do, get in touch with us. 

Long Distance Moves

Our movers in Langley, Surrey, Richmond and Burnaby team understands the demands and fast-paced lives of our patrons. That is the reason we are committed to taking the stress out of your move. Your moving consultant will take the time to know your relocation requirements and prepare a moving plan that ensures an accurate and smooth process of our services.

TLL Moving and Storage don’t allow a long-distance move to be a stressful experience for you and the rest of your family. You can count on us! TLL Moving and Storage is here to take away the stress so your moving experience will be a memorable one.

To ensure your long-distance move is stress-free, we suggest you carry all important documents, ensure that gas, taps, electric lights, and switches are turned off, lock windows and doors and collect all keys. 


It is not easy moving from one place to another, however, with TLL Moving and Storage your moving experience can be as simple yet memorable with the help of one of the moving companies in Surrey, Richmond and Burnaby

Fitting everything into the one box is not a good idea. TLL Moving and Storage can provide you the services you may need in moving to Vancouver, thus making it easy and comfortable for our patrons and clientele.  Whether you do your packing yourself, our team is ready to help! 

Say no to the hassle of packing. Each of our team is trained to care for each item they pack when it is sensitive. We also make use of a variety of wrappings, and boxes to ensure that items are properly ready and secured.

Say yes to convenient, efficient and safe moving. We are to keep in mind about remarkable storage and moving services. Moving and storage is undoubtedly our business.


Whether you need storage for an entire house or a single item of furniture, TLL moving and storage can assist! Our storage solutions are dry, secure, and insured. We wrap the furniture in shrink-wrap and blankets to make it sure that your furniture is still in good condition.

As a moving provider in Surrey, Richmond and Burnaby, We consider your belongings as if they are ours. We are also more than committed to ensure their protection during the storage and moving in Vancouver. 

Move in Move out Cleaning

There are so much more to do when shifting from one house to another. Many people would say that moving is one of the most stressful and most exhausting life experiences. This is because you will need to get things in order, pack some dishes, change the address, and de-clutter the garage, schedule transportation, book packers, and many more. The lists are endless that you may have no time in cleaning.

Deep and thorough cleaning is needed before moving out and also upon moving in. The need for experts’ movers in Surrey, Richmond and Burnaby for move in and move out cleaning is a must. Moving is no longer a messy task as TLL moving and storage have trained and skilled professionals that would the things for you. You are assured that the house you’re leaving will be sparkling and spotless.  

Rest assured that we can provide you our full and reliable movers services provider in Vancouver!

So, call us today to inquire about our services!

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