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TLL Moving and Storage is a Calgary-based Moving Company Providing Local moves and Long Distance Moving. For local moves we specialize in helping customers in Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer Alberta. Let us help you with your next move.


TLL Moving and Storage Servicing Alberta

TLL Moving and Storage Providing Local Moving, Long Distance Moving, Packing for moving and Move in and Move out Cleaning in Calgary Alberta

Do you want to say goodbye to dealing with moving companies in Calgary who leave you unsatisfied, unhappy and with no money in your pocket? If yes, you are not alone. TLL Moving and Storage can be trusted to provide you with a reasonable rate and exceptional service. We are committed to providing quality moving and storage services throughout the Calgary area.

High-quality service is our main priority, and we help you make your move – no matter how big. If you’re facing a move, think about hiring TLL moving and storage to assist you with the process. 

You can be confident that we have the power, strength, and practical skills to rescue you from the stress of moving. We are humbly proud to let you know that we are experts in moving both large and small volumes. 

From long-distance moving to packing and storage− we protect Calgarians from the stress of moving. Our years of experience as Calgary movers enable us to master the ins-and-outs of a top-rated moving service.

What more, we pay close attention to and take good care of moving each item to its new home, responsibly and safely. 

We have the equipment, skills, and tools to move even your most precious items. Our moving trucks come equipped with moving equipment and storage materials to ensure your moving day is the best move ever. We are the best movers you’ve ever had!

We operate with one simple goal of providing you with a stress-free move. Home moving is  a complicated process that can make you feel frustrated and overwhelmed. We are here to handle the logistics of getting your belongings from one destination to another. So, you won’t worry about transporting yourself.

Our trusted home moving team won’t only move your things. We will also de-assemble your furniture and pack up your furniture items. That way, they will be safe and sound throughout the travel. 

Once we arrive at your destination, we will unpack your things and put the furniture back together. Partner with our moving company in Calgary so that you feel confident about your relocation to be smooth and easy.

Below are the services listed for you obtain when you need them the most.

Local Moves


Our name already says it all. We are your moving company in Calgary due to our professionalism in service that is second to none. We take the guesswork out of your moving expenses. Every effort counts as one thing you’d appreciate about us more. What we guarantee is the loading and moving of belongings as safely and efficiently possible. With your items on our trucks, you are our priority. 


We at TLL moving and storage understand that it is like putting your possessions into the hands of strangers. Our experienced movers are known for their expertise and knowledge. With training, they can improve our organization and enhance the safety of your items. Our employees can guarantee the courteous and safe transport of precious items.


Rest easy knowing that your items are packed and moved only by the experienced team!


Long Distance Moves


With so many customers in Calgary, we are one of the most trusted movers in Calgary for your inter-province moving needs. When you choose us, you are choosing the movers who can provide exceptional long distance moving services. Our company is known for delivering your items safely and timely. 


It is exciting starting a new chapter of your life. That is why hiring a moving company in Calgary is essential as it means customizing to your needs. No matter the size and number of your belongings, TLL moving and storage can customize the moving service to your needs. This is also whether you’re moving to a house, condo, or apartment.


You will be confident and satisfied with our excellent customer service. 




Proper packing is an important process in moving and is one of the most essential steps to ensuring a successful move. Good thing, we are one of the moving companies in Calgary that can help you pack just certain items you choose such as your pictures and breakables. Whatever you choose, our employees ensure to you that your belongings will be safely and carefully packed using protective packing material and proper moving supplies.


Packing is a difficult aspect of a move, so be ready, as it can really be a long process. We are a team of professional packers that can help you avoid the worry. We pack and provide the maximum protection against dents, cracks, and scratches while in transit.




We have a full range of packing paper, moving boxes, bubble wrap, mattress bags, mirror boxes, and other supplies to protect your belongings with. We make storing your stuff a breeze!


Find the perfect solution for your storage requirements, and you will have the peace of mind. When you need extra storage space to hold your belongings, look no further than us as your Storage Company in Calgary. We have the storage solutions available so you’ve never tied down. 

Move in Move out Cleaning


Everyone knows that moving is stressful. Whether moving out or moving in, cleaning is one thing that you need to do after the packing is done. If you are a homeowner, landlord, or a renter, you understand that cleaning is essential. 


When your condo, apartment, and home are empty, allow us to handle the cleaning of your home including appliances. Don’t doubt our reputation as the the best Movers in Calgary, and a business that you can trust. We are experts in the field and we can handle cleaning of the windows, carpets, and appliances.

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